I don’t want to get ahead of MYSELF but I think we’re witnessing the end of zankie

Zach knows Frankie is no bueno and he didn’t give him the whole story about what he told Cody


MTE. I love their friendship, but I want Zach to save his own ass. Frankie has no problem doing it, so why shouldn’t Zach do it too?


I will never dislike Derrick simply because if it weren’t for him, Zach could very well have gone home week 2. 

Derrick seems to be the only person who is unwilling to throw Zach under the bus in this game. You’d think THEY had a F2 deal lol.

Zach gets so upset when people don’t believe him. Do the people in that house acknowledge THAT side of him? The side that shows that he actually gives a shit? 😕